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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 4, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a massive party on the nation's front lawn. hundreds of thousands turned out for the annual fourth of july concert and fireworks show on the national mall. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. the day-long celebration is just wrapping up with the famous fireworks display and the mass exodus is on. will thomas is live on the national mall tonight. so will, is everybody rushing to get out? >> reporter: they are. they're rushing to get to the metro station, shawn. it is 20 minutes you have to experience in person to fully understand. you're here on the national mall
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surrounded by the national monument, the lincoln memorial, and despite being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people, a hush comes over the crowd and that spectacular show begins. it's a word i'm going to use again in just a moment. for a lot of folks who came down today, it really was an all-day affair. it's one of the largest independence day spectacles in america and a great source of pride for the nation's capital. >> it is great. and it's really, really colorful, and i love it. >> fantastic, absolutely fantastic. happy fourth of july! >> i want to say. [speaking spanish] >> what does that mean? >> i think it's so fantastic and incredible being here and i'm happy being here with my kids and relatives from canada. >> it's really good to see how
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other peo here watching fireworks. >> reporter: precautionary security entrances allowed hundreds of thousands of visitors to pass through quickly with just a quick check of bags and coolers. >> first time to move to virginia and what better to spend the fourth of july than at the nation's capital. >> we're staying at the dupont circle. >> reporter: so you've listened to the reports?. >> yes, i do. >> i used to live here about 16 years and i came back from texas to bring friends to visit and they wanted to see fireworks for the fourth. >> reporter: any lows so far? >> other than all the walking and it being so hot, not really. >> reporter: if you managed to slip past with any alcohol, you had to dump it. what you didn't bring with you, you were probably able to buy from vendors. food and beverages sold fast. >> do you need some water? >> yeah, that's why we're in
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line here. >> reporter: a lot of concern about heat out here, but we found one way people are staying cool, an air vent. are you guys having fun? yeah! >>reporter: what do you think the highlights will be or do i need to ask? >> probably the hour-long fireworks. >> reporter: 20 minutes, sorry. >> 20? >> reporter: it's not just about the fireworks for this wounded and medically discharged veteran of iraq and afghanistan. >> it's great to be with my family and i still think of my friends overseas not able to be with their families. >> reporter: this man fought in vietnam. >> we're all americans, and we can all come together, and this is a time that when we look at that we're one country, and the people who come here, were born here, raised here and even have the freedoms that we have, we're still all one country and one people. >> reporter: one of the downsides to a massive gathering
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like this, especially under the sun, some folks get sick. a dozen people were treated on the scene and a few people were actually transported to the hospital, and from park police late tonight, we have the arrest numbers. we're told it's extraordinarily low given the high number of people here. there were five, three for drugs and two for minor disorderly conduct. >> it looked like the weather held off earlier. there was some concern. was there any contingency plans to get people off the mall in case of lightning or heavy rain? >> reporter: we were told safe haven contingency plans were in place. god forbid thunder and lightning rolled in with all these people out here. people would have been evacuated to museums. us park police always had something in place. >> thanks, will.
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[music] ♪ bringing my baby back ♪. >> the celebration on the mall wasn't just about the fireworks. plenty of musical acts hit the stage, steve martin plague the banjo, little richard and jordan sparks belted it out for the crowd. president obama marked the holiday by hosting a celebration at the white house. the first family welcomed more than 1200 military service members for their families. they enjoyed a barbeque on the south lawn. the president took time to reflect on the meaning of the holiday. >> there are many ways i think that the small band of patriots who signed their name on the declaration of independence and risked their lives for freedom might be surprised to see their legacy all these years later. a nation that's led revolutions and commerce, that sent a man to the moon, that lifted up the
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poor, secured the sick, a nation that fought for democracy and served as a beacon of hope around the world. >> this is the third year the first family has celebrated july fourth with service members and their family. as you can imagine, security is tight on the national mall. 10s of thousands of people came down to see the fireworks. while our eyes are on the skies, law enforcement was focused on keeping you safe. paul wagner shows us. >> reporter: what was your concern about your safety? >> everything. i'm a worry wart so i worry about everything, but there's tons of everything so i'm not that worried. >> reporter: gina came here from indiana to enjoy everything they have to offer. do you feel safe? >> i feel totally safe. my daughter was really scared to come and i told her this would
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be the safest place and we have seen security quite often. >> reporter: everywhere you look, officers were patrolling, on foot patrol, horse back, bicycle, suvs, and there were even officers walking with their bomb sniffing dogs looking for trouble. >> we can't tell you everything but it has to do with technology. it has to do with plain-clothed officers and a combination of technology bringing in information to command posts that are monitoring the crowds and the situation. >> reporter: in the weeks after 911, police adopted a saying like they to use over and over fyou see something, say something. it's as simple as keeping your eyes open and sounding the alarm if something looks suspicious. >> if you bring backpacks or coolers, we're going to check those. please don't bring alcoholic beverages or fireworks down here. sit down, enjoy and have a good time. i think the crowd has been very receptive to the level of
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security. we've made it as user-friendly as possible. >> reporter: chief cham berz says if you're not submit check point close to the monument by 9:00, you will not be able to get in. paul wagner, fox 5 news. the rain stayed away from tonight's festivities on the national mall but a few neighborhoods did see some drops. gary mcgrady is keeping an eye on the radar whachlt do you see? >> there's a little storm trying to go up in the last few minutes ago. that's a lingering storm. here's what it looks like on radar. most of the rain has moved on, with the exception of one little area in this county, just north of 66, up north of the plains and middleburg, and again, that's just gone on. a little spike in the last 10, 15 minutes or so and probably won't last too long. over to trueview to show you what's been taking place in the last few hours or so. everything died out when it got
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to the mall. there was one little cluster of thunderstorms coming in from the north and northwest out of western pennsylvania, but with the setting sun, we're cooling, everything's a little bit more stable, the showers and thunderstorms are greatly diminishing and quite rapidly too over the next probably hour or so. just some clouds overnight. once we get rid of lingering showers, mid-60s for the suburbs, 72 in town overnight tonight. full work week forecast. i hate to say that. coming up in just a minute. >> we've already started the work week here, gary. last night's severe weather is to blame for a death in montgomery county. a falling tree killed a man riding his bike. it happened near mile marker 33 between white's ferry and edward's ferry. he was here on a two-day bike trip with a companion. kroousz are working to restore powers to about 2,000 customers in virginia after a
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violent storm passed through last night, toppling power lines and trees. sherri ly has the latest on the damage. >> reporter: the sound of chain saws instead of fireworks filled the air in arlington, hit by a violent storm before the fourth of july. >> and i saw the tops of trees being blown off. >> reporter: a tree pierced the robert's roof and smashed their jeep grand cherokee. >> it's good my wife left the driveway or she would have been dead also. >> reporter: this oak, one of the oldest in arlington, crashed through the dining room and kitchening. >> i was doing the dishes and just not 10 feet from where it eventually came down through the house. >> reporter: people thought it was a tornado. >> our neighbor jerry yelled tornado and all five of us rushed down stairs. >> reporter: the violent wind and rain lasted some say minutes and some say just seconds. this was not a tornado. the national weather service
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said it was a macro burst, a down ward burst of heavy winds that hit the ground and spread its destruction more than 2.5 miles. >> you could see all the trees, all of them bending over and just toppling over to homes and to you could hear them. it was a loud noise. >> reporter: a power crew spread out to assess the damage and make repairs. >> we were climbing over the wires and that was the scary part. we weren't sure what was live and what was not. >> reporter: on rock springs road, trees came down on both ends, trapping a couple in this car. they left a note for neighbors to call when it was clear. >> so he said hurry back up, you know, let's get out of here some other way, and she looked in the rear-view mirror and here's this big tree that had fallen down behind him. >> reporter: in so many cases, seconds or even feet made all the difference.
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the winds are estimated between 60 and 70 miles per hour during that storm in arlington, and what's made it difficult for the power crews is that they had 14 utility poles that had to be repaired or replaced. in addition, they are working in 70 different locations to try and restore power. while it's been difficult for the people here to be without electricity, a lot of them say, look, when you see the tornado damage in a place like joplin, missouri, this is nothing. in arlington, sherri ly, fox 5 news. we're following a developing story in montgomery county, maryland tonight. police are investigating a near drowning in german town. a man was playing with a remote controlled boat in gunner's lake around 7:00 p.m. the boat stalled and the man went into the water to get the boat but couldn't make it back to shore and went under. he's in the hospital in serious condition. the fate of casey anthony is now in the hands of the jury and what happened in court today could impact their decision. the latest details in the
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courtroom drama, up next. keep it here. fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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>> an 11-month-old girl is dead tonight. she was found submerged in a german town family's bath tub. the family left her alone in the tub. the paramedics resuscitated her before she was flown to the hospital. she passed away early this morning. so far, no charges have been filed. six hours of deliberations, no verdict today in the trial of a florida woman accused of killing her daughter. the prosecution says casey anthony is a care-free party girl whose toddler got in the way. but as christen wright reports, the defense says there's not enough evidence. >> reporter: casey anthony's life is in the hands of the jury. the prosecution got the final word. the state gave their closing rebuttal argument monday, their last chance to prove that casey murdered her own child. prosecutors zeroed in on casey's
10:17 pm
lies. >> there's nothing that's wrong with casey anthony that can't be explained with more than two words, pathological liar. >> reporter: the prosecution tried to show that casey was never a never struggling with the accidental murder of her own child. >> i'm not sitting here crying every two seconds, because i have to stay composed to talk to detectives, to make other phone calls and do other things. i can't sit here and be crying every two seconds like i want to. >> reporter: hoping to unravel the defense's drowning theory further, the prosecution did not miss a chance to replay for jurors the emotionally raw 911 call by cindy anthony. >> i can't find my granddaughter. she just admitted to me she's been trying to find her herself. there's something wrong. i found my daughter's car today
10:18 pm
and it smelled like there's been a dead body in the car. >> reporter: jose baez told the jury that lies were how the casey ain't family operate snoos they knew where she was and they were out there searching. what do you think the odds are that they would search at the exact same spot where she would be found a month later. >> reporter: casey sat stone faced. the state ended its rebuttal, showing casey's "beautiful life" tattoo, that casey got while caylee was missing. >> prosecutors pointed out how many times casey lied to investigators and her own parents about caylee being with a nanny who doesn't exist. the defense says her erratic behavior came from grief. dominic strauss-khan is
10:19 pm
being accused of rape. the woman's lawyer says she's already discussed the incident publicly. he's also been charged with rape against a hotel maid in manhattan. roger clemmens is expected in federal court on wednesday for allegedly lying to congress. he was accused of using performance enhancing drugs and lying about it. several well known athletes are on the witness list. brian macaby is the star witness and the prosecution is expected to last four to six weeks. the last flight of nasa's 30-year shuttle program is four days away. the four astronauts who will take the shuttle atlantis on friday will deliver supplies to the international space station. the shuttle commander says he and his crew are looking forward to the mission ahead. >> we have a very event-filled
10:20 pm
mission haevd us. we have 12 days. we'll be very busy. we have an abridged crew and when it's all over, i think i speak again for everyone when i say we'll be very proud to put the right-hand book end on the . it will join discovery and atlantis shuttles in retirement. coming up, you won't want to miss this one of a kind ceremony, the love story behind this wedding is next. 
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>> general petreas celebrated his last fourth of july in afghanistan today. the visit made at least one soldier feel privileged. >> you can really feel the honor, especially when you get a general like this to come down
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and do it for us. it makes it really feel a lot more important to me and really nice to be able to call home and tell my mom to check it out on tv and be able to tell my family i got to do this. it's something i'll never be able to do again. >> the general says the focus in afghanistan will shift to more intel and special forces work and will center on the eastern border of pakistan. the sweet and balmer children in maryland, what a wonderful day. it's wedding day and brings together two families torn apart by war. bob barnard was at the ceremony. >> reporter: beneath the towering air force memorial overlooking the nation's capitol, amid the bus loads of tourists on this hazy summer day appears a white stretched limo, and in it, two families scarred by war. >> he always tells me i'm his fourth of july so he picked the fourth and the location.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: it's the wedding of air force master sergeant chris sweet and his bride, danielle. in attendance, her two and his three children. >> this is not just about danielle and i coming together. it's about two families coming together, two families that have been through amazing tragedy. >> reporter: in danielle's bouquet of flowers, the two spouses they lost to war. >> this is another way to have them. >> reporter: air force technical sergeant ryan balmer was killed in iraq four years ago. he was 33. >> it was difficult and very, very scary to have to think about moving forward with it just being the three of us, and me trying to figure out how to be a mom and dad. >> reporter: 30-year-old jessica sweet, also an air force technical sergeant died from leukemia two years ago, exposed to toxic smoke at burn pits in afghanistan. >> i'm very happy, very happy.
10:26 pm
this is a start of a new life for me. it's a rebirth after losing my wife. >> reporter: chris and danielle first met more than two years ago at a program for families of service members killed in iraq and afghanistan. >> we saw tell our kids they have a mom and dad in sxheven on earth. >> reporter: chris's mom and dad flew in from ohio to attend the ceremony. >> they've both been through so much and now that they've found one another and had the opportunity to go on living. we couldn't be happier for both of them. >> i'm so happy. i'm so unbelievably happy and overwhelmed. >> in the end, we're happy, and we've found each other, and our families are together as one, and it was important that we do it here so that ryan and jessica can be part of the ceremony as well, because they remain a big part of our families.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: in arlington, virginia, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> not everyone decided to fight the crowds of the national mall tonight. tom fitzgerald is in vienna, virginia, checking out their fireworks show. fitz, how was it? >> folks in vienna, shawn, weren't sure if the fireworks were going to work, but we've got fireworks, and we're going to tell you what the hold-up is, when fox 5 news at 10:00 continues.
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>> there is no doubt the national mall gets plenty of visitors on the fourth of july, but first, those who live in our area, independence day also means gaining a little independence from all the crowds and the hustles of getting to the fireworks down on the mall. tom fitzgerald is in vienna, virginia tonight where some people feel smaller is better. how's it working out? >> finally, they got fireworks off. i got to tell you, there was some intense moments tonight.
10:31 pm
folks are starting to file out, but boy, they were worried. this was supposed to start at 9:15 tonight. it didn't launch until 10:00. most of the folks here are walk, a way happy tonight and they'll say the reason is the community atmosphere here that they would not trade for anything. the crowd, well, they've got them, only not as much here at vienna, virginia's fireworks. for people here, that's just fine. >> it's more family oriented. can play some skippo, don't have to deal with the traffic. it's very convenient. >> it's close to home, and we started a new tradition where we go up to my sister-in-law's house and we all get together and have a barbeque and walk over here. >> reporter: for some time now, vienna's fireworks has been kind of a local secret as more and more people have sought out
10:32 pm
alternative fireworks sites, vienna's secret is a secret no more. >> and after watching the news last night, they said, don't even think about driving, and if you do take the metro, be prepared for really long delays so i thought we're going to go on the map and find an alternative fireworks site so i found this one. actually, we haven't so i really like it because it's close. we live in fair lake, and i'm a teacher so i'll be teaching at madison. so this is a way of getting to know the community before i start teaching there. >> reporter: turns out for some folks bigger is not always better. for people who have felt the crunch of the big show on the mall, the community flavor of this event was the big attraction. >> it's easier to get to, much bigger, it's safer and cleaner and the fireworks are good and it's a fantastic crowd so you can't lose. >> it's less crowded and there's
10:33 pm
less people. i have to be here two hours earlier and can get the best spots. so i like it better than other place joos in the end, just like all fireworks displays, they usually end the same way, with a grand finale. so off they go, finally happy tonight in vienna after the big delay. now, what happened? turns out there was some sort of electrical problem with the fireworks array. you might remember, four years ago, they had a firework land in the baseball field where some of the spectators were sitting so there were injuries, so the fire marshal wanted to go through each of the arrays individually, make sure all of this went off safely and thankfully and happily for everyone here, they did, shawn. a great night in vienna, virginia. >> better late than never. thank you. tacoma park's annual parade
10:34 pm
was today. they had their own fireworks display tonight also. independence day marks the first day vice president joe biden sent a tweet. his message, asking americans to take time to think about military family members and their families on the fourth. the tweets are sent by his staff. the white house has a twitter account as well. president obama's re-election campaign does too. the president says he'll probably send a few tweets himself. the buzz over the economy is about the pledge to cut, cap and balance the budget. two republican candidates for president. >> reporter: on a sparkling independence day in clear lake, ohio. michelle bachmann worked up a
10:35 pm
crowd as sort of an independent from the gop pack. she is one of only two republican contenders not to sign a pledge to cut, cap and balance the budget. bachmann wants it to go further on the health care law. the other pledge resister, john huntsman prefers a pledge alone. 100 in the house and half dozen in the senate may become the next litmus test for republican candidates. >> it's certainly a litmus test for meechlt i've said publicly i won't support any presidential candidate. i won't support any candidate for any federal laws. we're not willing to make that same commitment. >> reporter: the cut of cut, cap and balance would impose immediate spending cuts to cut the deficit by a half by next year. it brings spending in line with revenues at 18% of the gdp, and the balance would require house and senate passage of a balanced budget amendment to the
10:36 pm
constitution. some say the pledge offers an escape from debt ceiling grid lock. >> if we could for the first time in american history pass a balanced budget amendment, send it to the states for ratification, that's historical. this is to be one of the defining moments in american history where we get the right things put in place so that we never get to this point again where we're on the verge of the debt. >> reporter: for all the optimism, one thing stands in the way of passage, cut cap and balance will be a hard sell in the senate. but at the same time, the wording of the pledge avoids any mission of increases, and allows both parties a less painful way of reducing a long-term debt. a pretty unique july fourth celebration in britain. a london park is home to a brand new statue of ronald reagan. highlights are coming up next. here's chris stodder with your
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>> americans in london celebrated the fourth of july by unveiling a brand new statue. the likeness of president ronald reagan is part of doing his part ending the world war. >> americans celebrating independence day in grobner square. ronald reagan adorns this park. 100 years ago he was born and marks his help with the cold war. the secretary of state says reagan would have a hard time imagining. >> a europe whole, free and at peace, a europe at which we enjoy friendship and alliance with the former captive states in the transatlantic alliance called nato. >> reporter: british secretary
10:41 pm
lynn hague joining rice. this is a tribute to a true friend of britain. >> we can be proud about what this statute says about britain and america. it reminds us of a period of extraordinary achievement and hope in world affairs, after a time of darkness and danger. it celebrates the life of an exceptional and gifted american president. it is a fitting tribute to honor the truest friends that britain has ever had. >> reporter: former brittin prime minister margaret thatcher was invited to the event but she was too frail to attend. the statue in grobner park joins roosevelt and eisenhower. us policy on what to do with suspected terrorists is far from crystal clear. coming up at the news edge at 11:00, how the debate can determine how much we learn from our enemies. and it flew over the world
10:42 pm
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>> developing in montana tonight, federal and state workers are trying to access and assess the environmental damage from the oil spill in the yellow stone river. a 12-inch pipe line owned by exxon mobile sent oil as much as 40 miles down river. mary ann rafferty has the story. >> reporter: crews are trying to capture 42,000 gallons of crude oil. a pipe line ruptured saturday near laurels. operations were shut down within six minutes of the spill. >> we do not know the cause of the incident. the investigating team has conformed, and they are working diligently to try to determine
10:46 pm
that, but at this time we do not know the root cause. this is a very unusual event. >> reporter: the oil is being spread over a large area, making it harder to clean up. >> the line itself was shut down as quickly as we could and then we proceeded to close other lines along the line to isolate as many segments as we could. >> reporter: most of the soiled areas are within 5 to 10 miles of the spill. >> from my own assessment, it doesn't look like we're going to be able to use it. there's oil all over the top soil and i don't want my animals eating that. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the epa says the staff spotted oil at least 40 miles down stream. there are other reports of oil as far as 100 miles away. well, the good news is it looks like the weather held off for the fireworks tonight. that was awesome. >> they tell me silver springs did not. they saw lightning or showers or
10:47 pm
something like that. >> raining in annapolis as well. they got them in but towards the end. >> that's good. there was a lot more north and west that came out of pennsylvania, so at least -- i don't want to say we got lucky but we didn't have to deal with that at the mall. look at the mall. if you didn't get down there, chances are you probably didn't, but beautiful out. it's always such a great show, and you know, it's good for everybody to see at least one time. i think will mentioned that earlier, if you're in this area to get down there and doo dothat. for tonight, the showers are calming down. we've had a couple of thunderstorms still rumbling in the last hour or so, but the only real thunderstorm i see across the bay here just south of cambridge, and down around the shore, i mean, right around bethany beach tonight and northern sections of ocean city, they had a pretty good storm that lasted about two hours. it just refused to move and when it did move, another one built up, so they did have showers and
10:48 pm
thunderstorms there. for us, everything we did have has really calmed down. there's a few showers again out 66, a few more showers down there in extreme southern sections of charles county. as we mentioned, stayed away from the mall, obviously stayed away from vienna where tom was earlier in the live pictures, and some showers for annapolis there, but we know they canceled the silver springs. i don't know if they'll try to get that in tomorrow night if they can. here's what's going on right now though. what i'm thinking for the summer week ahead, typical summer weather. temperatures won't be extreme. right around 90 degrees, give or take a couple of degrees each day this week and at least for the next few, we're going to have a chance for some late afternoon and evening thunderstorms. a very spotty chance tomorrow, high of 90, a little bit better chance on wednesday, high of 91. looks like the best chance here of the next three days will be on thursday to have a big coverage of thunderstorms. that will be all in advance.
10:49 pm
another summer-time cold front that's sweeping on through and we remember what happened last night when that summer-time cold front came through. keep in the back of your minds. thursday is the day i think we'll have some fairly significant coverage of the showers and thunderstorms. 83 in town now, 73 for frederick. already cooling down a little bit for hagerstown and martinsburg, simply because they had a pretty good little thunderstorm moving down 81 a couple hours ago. here's the front. didn't get too far to the south. if this front had gotten down south of richmond, we would have had a much lesser chance of thunderstorms this evening, but typical with these summer-time cold fronts. they just can't move too far into a very hot environment, and that's the case, and this front's just going to be around here the next couple of days and that's why we have at least a chance for a few thunderstorms, pretty much each day, going through thursday. again tonight, things are
10:50 pm
calming down. we'll have just a few clouds overnight tonight. i don't see that there's really going to be any problems with thunderstorms tonight. 72 in town, cooler in the suburbs, which is usual. another warm day tomorrow with spotty pm thunderstorms and a few showers, high temperatures will get up to 90 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. five-day forecast, 90 tomorrow, 91 on wednesday, 90 on thursday. friday and saturday not too bad, a little less humidity on friday and saturday, looking dry right now, with temperatures in the upper 80s, and i'll just start to mention that next week, it looks like we can have some pretty warm temperatures coming back, at least mid-90s, i think, pretty much area-wide, maybe even hotter than that. just thought i'd leave you with that. >> thank you, gary. the fourth of july makes us think of american flags, apple pie and boy scouts. scouting has been around since
10:51 pm
1910. so what happens to young scouts when they grow up? judging by the numbers, many of them continue their devotion to service in congress. fox's jennifer davis reports. >> reports. >> reporter: virginia's cub scouts 7 and 8 teaches fun and learning. >> it teaches you to have a good reputation. >> reporter: these little ones say when they grow up, they'd like to be lawyers, engineeres and inventors. >> what do you want to invent? >> a flying car. >> reporter: politics? >> do you have any desire to be a politician? >> no. >> reporter: the most senior republican in the senate wasn't focused on politics either as a boy scout during world war ii, but earn merpit badges from public speaking to scholarship, he has many mementos hanging in
10:52 pm
his senate office. >> reporter: i believe scouting does bring about a degree of majority and heightening of ambition. i'm very proud to have been a boy scout. >> reporter: he's one of 31 eagle scouts who are members of the congress. but of more than 500 lawmakers, a staggering 206 of them have a connection to scouting. pete sessions says the lessons he, his father and two sons all learned as boy scouts and eagle scouts provide a great basis for a future lawmaker. >> scouting builds within us a commitment to public service for our country. >> reporter: he too became a member of the senate years later. >> it's a good tradition for our country. it's endured for 100 years because it teaches discipline, and ultimately, it's about service. >> reporter: and georgia's stanford bishop says being an eagle scout not only inspired him to go into public service, he says it's earned him votes
10:53 pm
too. >> i was running in a district that had a large number of non-african-americans. one of the members came up to me after the speech and said if you were an eagle scout that you had to be a good man and that's why i voted for you. >> reporter: given the road connecting scouting and congress, it makes you wond fer any of these young scouts will one day trade in the scouting motto for an oath of office. >> to god and my country, to help other people at all times. >> to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. >> reporter: on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox news. joey chestnut, once again took coney island by storm winning the fourth of july nathan's hot dog eating contest for the fifth year running. he scarved down 62 dogs with buns in 10 minutes. not his personal best but he beat the second place guy by
10:54 pm
nine. >> it was me getting into a rhythm and i couldn't find my rhythm fast enough. i don't know why i didn't find my rhythm. it was a great rhythm but not a record-breaking rhythm and next year hopefully i can take in a little bit more. >> chestnut was holding a bottle of pepto bismol, the sponsor there. walked away with a big check, about $10,000, and 20,000 calories in his gut he needs to burn. the winner of the women's competition was alexandria thomas. she ate 40 hotdogs. >> can you imagine doing that? >> so kobe yashi was in a fight with the major league eating organization that puts this thing on and they want to control the sponsors, so he's in a fight with them. he went across town and at the same time simulcasted and did it at a bar same amount of time and
10:55 pm
beat joey chestnut. >> oh, because he was the reigning world champ before all of this. >> 69. joey chestnut did 62. so he's still the man. >> bring it on. we'll be right back. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
10:56 pm
a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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10:58 pm
>> imagine a doctor's visit with no wait, immediate appointments, medication in the same day. it's called concyerj medicine. the concept was once thought of as a service for more wealthy people is more affordable for the middle class. >> reporter: it's a tight knit family, a tightly run ship here, and like you, they've got monthly bills, cable tv, cars, utilities. >> dog grooming. >> reporter: and the doctor
10:59 pm
bills. >> it's probably one of the best decisions that we make. >> reporter: you see, the michaels family has taken part in a fast growing trend called cons yerj medicine. like you would put a lawyer on retainer, you put a doctor on a monthly retainer. the michael vs that relationship with dr. michael hennessee. >> that's what makes this medicine as i practice it different than what i like to call and what many of my colleagues call real medicine, where you're just basically going from examine room to examine room, having maybe 5 minutes with the patient. >> reporter: of course there's a cost to this. some critics say concierge medicine is elitist and for the rich only and the prashg physician only compounds the problem of too many patients and not enough doctors, but he says he's not near as